The packing box of the mobile phone you will not fell strange, believe that the majority of mobile phone boxes will not leave you too much impression, whether it is long, square or round flat, usually after your began to take new mobile phone out of the box, it will be thrown into the trash can, who take care a package box?

But in recent days, you may have noticed a news. That is, a cell phone box has won a prize — HUAWEI glory V8 packaging box, won the 2017 Hannover IF design prize. The IF design prize with the concept of “independence, preciseness and reliability” has been held by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the oldest industrial design institution in Germany. It is recognized as one of the most important awards in the world.

So what’s the special about the glorified V8 box?

From the outside, there is nothing special about the glorified V8 box, and the simplified packaging of the rectangle is customary for most mobile phones.

When we open the box, the glory of V8 is also the extraction way, which is not new. But we can find the difference, that is, a few holes in inner box of the glory of V8.

Huawei Honor V8 cellphone paper package box

When we take out all the accessories in the package box, we will find the difference. The glorified V8 box is like this. And in addition to the conventional accessories such as the data line charger, there is a small box in the packing box. And the back of the inner box is written the words of VR Glass (virtual reality glasses), indicating its identity.

Huawei Honor V8 smart phone paper package box outer look

Open this small box, we can see two lenses, as well as fixed lenses of the frame and nose. These are the parts of your own VR glasses, and the simple assembly step instructions are on the box. When we put all the lenses and nose up, the glorified V8 box became the same. Is it like a robot?

Huawei honor v8 cell phone paper packing box inner look

Then we can use this VR eyeglass box to experience the fun of virtual reality. Just put a glorified V8 phone in a box and open a VR related game or application.

Huawei Honor V8 cellphone paper box can be used as a VR box

Although many mobile phone manufacturers began to enter the VR field last year, but buying a VR glasses spent an extra cost of 100 yuan for the consumer. And it’s important that many users don’t really know what VR is, and much less to pay for it until they have experienced it. And the glorified V8 box makes VR a part of every user and make it popular. Is it very interesting, don’t you think?