In last article,we discussed the Corrugated Boxes. Corrugated cardboard is a stiff and light-weight material made up of Kraft paper and used for packaging goods. Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes primarily used for packaging goods and materials too. do you know what’s the difference between Corrugated Boxes and Cardboard boxes?

Refer to types of paper boxes. The first term means any box made of cardboard, which is basically very heavy paper, a material made by pressing together moist fibers of cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses.Cardboard is usually a single thickness of solid paper fiber.

Cardboard package boxes

Corrugated boxes are made with three basic layers or liners, One is an inside liner, an outside liner and the third one is fluting which runs in between other two.Corrugated board is made from solid fiber paper by forming arches (corrugations) in one or more layers of Kraft paper. This corrugated paper is laminating between solid fiber paper and is called single wall, double wall or triple wall corrugated.

Corrugated cardboard packaging boxes

The cardboard boxes generally refers to the rigid cardboard boxes which is created from heavy-duty paper stock known as paperboard. But the major fact is that it’s rarely used in heavy-duty packaging.Typical applications are food boxes, cereal boxes and other smaller consumer goods that can be used to pack in cardboard boxes.

The most of times the typical corrugated boxes are used as shipping boxes or for packaging large goods such as home appliances, retail displays on the shelves, pizza delivery boxes (To pack and deliver at the same time) and even for some of the retail packaging goods.

There are several other differences including the strength of each, the manufacturing process to form the paper, the fibers used. Cardboard became a catch-all term during World War II when all paper was reclaimed and recycled. Today the preferred term for each would be solid fiber container and corrugated container.

While the differences may seem insignificant at first, it should now be easy to see that cardboard is better left for the cards and cereal boxes. Corrugated boxes, on the other hand, is the material of choice for shipping boxes. It isn’t an overly complicated definition, but an important one to remember when it comes time to order custom made shipping boxes. Just don’t ever think a simple cardboard box is enough to ship your precious products in. For such an important task, you must always remember to turn to corrugated.

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