The import of the packaging paper box from Shenzhen of China is quite easy if you plan to reduce your packaging cost by ordering from us.

The diagram below illustrates the order and import procedure clearly. If you read carefully, you will find that the order procedure is well designed to ensure that your interest is well protected. And the quality of the boxes is exactly what you expect.

packaging paper gift box

How to order the printed boxes from us?

1.  Your packaging need details confirmation

The details confirmation is a little annoying, but it worths the hard-work and time. It would be really ugly if the box turned out too small or big to hold your products. Below are the packaging details that are of the most importance.

 Your artwork: the artwork shows us the size, the structure, the color printing details of your printed packaging. Our sales check the artwork carefully to see if there is any problem for the printing. Usually, there are font missing problems if the text in the artwork is not outlined and your designer uses some special fonts.

Size: also we will ask you for the size of the printed packaging box, bag or sticker… to make sure that the size is the same as your printed artwork. Usually, you need to specify whether the size is the inner size or the outer size. This assures that the printed box fits your product perfectly.

Delivery time: How soon would you like to get the products? This is very important if this is an urgent project for you. Then we will see if we can put your production ahead of our production.

Paper Material to be Used: We need to know accurately what paper material you would like to use for your product. It would be nice if you could send us a sample to check the material. This will be very helpful.Also, we need to confirm with you what kinds of finish you would like to apply to the surface.

Die-cut Template: Our design department provide the free box die-line and you can just simply let your print designer put the graphic design on the template.

2.  Price quote

Based on the details you give us at step 1, we will give you a price quote. We are the leading printed packaging solution provider in South China, and we have the huge price advantage.

3.  Sample Making Fee

The sample box is important. If you get a perfect sample box, then you will have a 95% chance to get a perfect box during the mass production. Usually, we will charge 100-200USD for the sample box making. And we will use this money as your mass production fee when the order is confirmed.

4.  Sample Making and Confirmation

We take around one week to make the samples and send them to you for your confirmation.

5.  Deposit

After you confirm the sample box, things will go more smoothly. Receive 40-50% deposit of the total mass production fee, and we start the mass production. When the mass production is done, we will take you the HD pictures for your confirmation before the balance payment.

6.  Mass production

Can produce 30,000 to 4 0,000 pcs boxes a week and guarantee to ensure quality

7.  Inspection

When the mass production is done, we welcome you to visit our factory to inspect the goods. Usually, our client lets us take the high-quality pictures for them to confirm. Or let your Chinese agent go come to our factory inspection.

8.  Shipping

All you need to do about the shipping is to find a good shipping forwarder company to take care of the shipping stuff for you. If you don’t want to bother yourself with this, we can recommend a shipping forwarder company for you used by our clients in your country. This will save you money.

You inquire shipping freight: the shipping cost is charged by the shipping forwarder company and is calculated based on the actual volume of the goods. When the mass production is done, we will send you the packaging data, then you can make an inquiry about the sea freight with the shipping forwarder company.

We issue the booking form: After you confirm the freight cost, then shipping forwarder company will contact us to send them the booking form, then they will book the ship and handle the rest of things for us.

We send you the B/L: When everything is finished, the shipping forwarder company will issue the B/L around a week after the ship leaves the port. Then we will send you the B/L telex release together with the packing list, commercial invoice to you for your pick-up of the goods.