At present, most packaging materials on the market are made of paper, and different paper packaging type have different functions, such as luxury, high-end, practical type etc., which are based on product positioning and designing requirements.The main role of paper packaging box is to protect the goods: prevent the fragile goods in the box from product deformation. Can withstand the impact of loading, transportation, storage and other processes, vibration, bumpy, compression, friction and other external forces to form the protection of the packaged in products, with a certain degree of anti-vibration strength, prevent chemical changes of the product etc. At the same time, paper packaging box can play a publicity, beautify role for the goods, and win favor from the consumers, can improve the competitiveness of goods.

All kinds of paper packaging processing easily and cheaper than metal, plastic, glass and other materials, they are easy to use, carry, storage.Paper packing box suitable for a variety of printing, the surface is not only suitable for gravure, letterpress, lithographic printing, you can also use a variety of graphics styles, text decoration. Paper package box at is convenient and environmentally friendly at the same time, will not cause pollution to the environment.