Gifts are not limited to just gifts, as a gift, it can be sent to friends, family, to express their own love of mind. It can also be a product, grafted the relationship between the seller and the customer, to promote mutual business cooperation. However, whether as a gift or product, with the development of modern culture, our aesthetic and living standards are constantly improving, so life needs packaging, gifts also need to be packaged.

So following with our JiXing packaging carton factory to chat and sharing the gift box custom, let us really into the box of the world, feel its magic charm.

First, let’s take a look at the definition of the box. On the box design concept, simply say that its role is to use the packaging of the product box, its main role is to protect the product, followed by the product to enhance the aesthetic degree, and enhance the intrinsic value of the product. According to the classification of materials, the box can be divided into a wooden box, carton, cloth box, Iron box, acrylic box. Here, we focus on the carton, because with the development of modern industry and environmental awareness, environmental protection and energy saving box more and more people love. JiXing packaging carton manufacturers use a variety of paper materials can produce a variety of gift boxes, wine gift boxes, chocolate boxes, food boxes, electronic boxes, cosmetics boxes and so on.

gift paper box with lidgift paper box with lide for open the view

About all kinds of gift packaging cartons, Jixing packaging carton factory can customize the design of various styles of packaging gift box for you. Commonly have Rigid Flip Paper Box with Lid, Rigid Paper Box with Lift-Off Lid, Folding Paper Box, Corrugated Paper Box, PVC-clear Window Paper Box.A product of the gift box customization must first have to protect the safety of products to enhance the value of the product grade value, not only can make the product in the long-distance transport can be intact but also can enhance the people inside the packaging gift products favorite.

black Clamshell box with lid for open the viewrigid paper box with lid for open the view

Finally on the gift box production process, paper material selection. We can choose different paper materials to produce our packaging, such as environmentally friendly kraft paper, coated paper, white cardboard, specialty paper, plus matte/glossy lamination, printing color, UV Printing, Hot Foil stamp, embossing etc, Decorate our packaging gift box.

customized gift paper bag for front viewprinted gift bag

Life needs packaging, gifts also need to be packaged, Jixing packaging carton factory for your custom design gift box.