Influenced by harsh aesthetic minimalism, cell phone packaging is already part of the apple product. Recently, Apple released an environmental report on iPhone X. It mentioned in the report that the packaging fiber of iPhone X is made of  forest, bamboo, waste sugarcane and recycled paper Apple managed. What about the unheralded design principles of iPhone’s packaging boxes? What’s the secret of its minimalist art?

  1. Green

iPhone packaging unboxing picture

Recently, Apple issued a “white paper” once again–《paper and packaging strategy》.It describes how they reduce packaging paper, the person in charge of procurement, and to protect and create a sustainable forest. the white paper mainly divided into three points: to reduce the impact of climate change through the use of renewable energy, increase the energy efficiency of products and facilities; Through effective utilization of materials, more recyclable, more renewable components products are used in products, the valuable resources can be saved; Find, develop and use safer materials in products and processes.

The included EarPods packaging has no exception, in the iPhone EarPods are taking the plastic box packaging, to the Lightning version of the EarPods interface, the packing box into a cardboard + glue structure.

We can see some of the clues in the packaging of iPhone 6S to iPhone 7. In the packaging box of iPhone 6S, there are two stacked plastic pallets which contain equipment and accessories. To iPhone 7, apple adopts the new packaging design, and completes two things with only one tray.

  1. Black Tech

iPhone paper package box

iPhone packaging box also has a patent on its appearance and internal stack design. The ordinary packing box holds the top of the box, and the box can fall directly on the table (or on the ground) under the action of gravity, and may break the machine. The iPhone box will lift up the lid, and the box will also slide. But because of the effect of atmospheric pressure, the box body is not falling down but falling down slowly, protecting the machine from accidental fall.

Citing the Patent Description: “The patent covers the transparent packaging whereby the holder suspends the item above a surface to give the item the appearance that it is floating within the packaging.”