There is a proverb in Chinese : people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold. Everyone likes something beautiful, and a good wine manufacturer never ignores the packing. If you are a wine lover, you will be excited to receive a nice bottle of wine as a gift.a reusable box or bag will make it even more special ! Then do you know important is the package boxes for a wine factory?

Nowadays there are too many good wine in the market. Even the best wine, it may also be buried in the deep sea if there is no distinctive packaging box. Packaging boxes are a good media for this wine. It is the first impression of wine for consumers, that is, the visual experience. What kind of information this wine wants to let the consumer to know that depends on packaging. A packing box, which part can cause you to attention? Where to printed text and graphics, Doses it conform to the business philosophy and culture of the enterprise? Can consumers see and understand clearly? That e issue must to be considered for a wine boxes manufacturers. As a consumer, what information you want to see on the package boxes will affect the purchase behavior.Because besides the price ,some other detail such as the production date, the use method, the origin and so on, are all the reasons for the purchase.

Handily packed in a box with a handle. This type of packaging already looks back on 30 years of history. In 1955 ,a US chemical engineer invented this bag in plastic or aluminium with a tap in a cardboard box. Wine cartons are still not exceedingly popular in Germany; but in some countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia,consumers increasingly take to these handy and low-cost volume packs.

Of course, the main function of packing box is to prevent the wine from spilling or breaking. Typical about 500mm wine each bottle in the market and mainly made as glass bottles for its container,which is easy to break during transportation and handling. Usually in the packing box, placing anti-shock absorption foam or fixing the bottle can avoid collision to a certain extent. A mature wine producers and wine box manufacturers never forget it.

A good Wine boxes make the wine even more beautiful. If you’re looking for the perfect way to dress up a bottle of wine, then you’ll love huge selection of boxes designed specifically for wine bottles. We have all varieties, including paper, clear plastic, and even wine bags. No matter what the occasion, you’ll be excited to show up with one of these beautiful boxes.You can choose boxes designed for a single bottle or bags designed to hold two to four bottles. You’ll love the selection of styles and colors! Please contact [email protected] if you want to know more details.