For cosmetic packaging, I believe that we must have the same feeling, during usage of certain products, if use inconvenient, or frequent failure, it is a very heartfelt feeling.

Once my friends bought a frequently advertising domestic facial cleanser, nothing wrong when first using, but she don’t like if any more after using a half, because this facial cleanser bottle is hard and slippery, the rest of the facial cleanser hard to squeeze out every time.

My friend complains: “why can’t you spare the advertising money into the product itself, and make every detail good enough?” Since then, my friend never bought other products of this brand. So, product packaging is very important!

In short, the packaging is no longer limited to container and aesthetic level, it is also very important for the product’s using experience, the simplicity mentioned above is just one. The interesting of package is also the other directions of packaging development. Speaking of fun, female consumers, as the main consumers of cosmetics consumer, most of them have a potential standard for the demand of product packaging.

Cartoon: printing favorite cartoon image on the packaging , packaging modeling peculiar, anthropomorphic, colorful etc,can effectively stimulate consumer’s buying desire.

Simple: Usually simple and generous design style is easy to highlight the product’s visual experience of pure, elegant, quality etc.

Practical: If some of the product packaging can be used as storage or decoration purpose after unpacked, it will also add points to the product.

When the homogenization of cosmetics market more and more serious, so that the product becomes monotonous, consumers are difficult to distinguish between good and bad in essence. Under such circumstances, many manufacturers began to shift their targets and devote themselves to packaging in order to achieve product differentiation and try to occupy a place in such market competition.

Therefore, how to make the package deliver more product information and attract the attention of consumers with innovative and unique packaging design is the key to stand out from many other similar products. Developers and manufactures should design cosmetic packaging from the consumer’s view point, and introduce human friendly cosmetic packaging.

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