Folding paper box 

The folding box has various style. Today I would like to introduce is one of the most common folding styles is Straight Tuck End Box style. it has the tuck closure on the top and bottom of the box.and the tuck flaps on the top and bottom are both on the front panel.of course, you also can choose the tuck flaps on the top and bottom are different panel to open, that’s called reverse tuck end paper box.two types of the tuck end box are the most popular box style for the cosmetic boxes, small electronic packaging, and custom retail box. Straight tuck end paper box.

Reverse tuck end paper box Straight tuck end paper box

Reverse tuck end paper box

We talked below the Folding cardboard packaging design for the cosmetic gift box. It is custom printed paper box based on the size, printing and finishes details.

packaging cosmetic collapsible box for front view

Unlike other folding paper boxes which are made of the SBS paperboard, this box is made of the 350gsm white cardboard paper. This is a high-end look material, which makes the package looks high quality. Spot UV and foil stamping and Matte printing have the great visual effect on the white cardboard paper box.  Meanwhile, the embossing is used for the LOGO picture of the cosmetic.

packaging cosmetic collapsible box for back view

Of course, you can customized design your cosmetic gift box, different printing, and finish, accept your design ideas, together to make packaging box.

JiXing packaging paper box is a custom printed paper box supplier. If you have any paper boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us.