As a foreign customer, it is not easy and realastic to have an on-site before you place an order to China paper packaging box factory.Then how can you select the best paper packaging box manufacturer or supplier ? Shenzhen JX Packaging Factory would like to give your some suggestions as below:

1. To see if online customer service is professional and real time;
2, Check whether the paper package box manufacturer’s website content is full or not, whether the articles and products updated timely and whether the manufacturer pays attention to each visitor’s visiting experience;
3. Whether the manufacturer can quickly provide the picture of the production process, factory workshop, production equipment etc;
4. Whether they can provide a complete paper packaging box solution for you: including paper packaging box design according to your branded requirements; meet your quality requirements; on time delivery etc;
5. Check whether online customer service can show the case around you and the same product application, if they have several customer in your country, you can try to get these customer’s contact details, if they don’t want to show you with so many reasons, then they might have bad experience with these customers, you should serious consider the possibility of cooperation with them;
6. For questions your concerned, online customer service’s answers are professional, quickly and indeed helpful to you;

Manufacturers can meet all the 6 points above, is a qualified paper package box manufacturer, it is a supplier of bespoke customized paper packaging factory.

Shenzhen JX Packaging Factory, focusing on paper packaging box for 8 years, specializing in design and manufacture of paper packaging box for toy, electronics, headset, mobile power bank, garment, food etc. If you have interested in us, please contact us by email: [email protected] , we will surely provide you a perfect paper package box solution.