China is a liquor production and consumption power.Tobacco, wine and tea are the first choice for Chinese people to give gifts. A beautiful package box not only carries out basic functions such as protecting commodities, conveying commodity information and enhancing commodity value, but also carries the emotional communication between people and people. 2018’s liquor packaging has the following three trends:

Packaging boxes – Colourful

It’s no secret that colors evoke emotions and affect purchasing decisions. Because of this, color has always been one of the most important choices in packaging design. Bright colors and vibrant associations are beginning to make a scene on store shelves.When it comes to carton packaging and liquor, consumers cannot see what’s inside so you may need to give more information than on other packages and use a recognizable format while having your own identity.

The traditional liquor packaging is mainly red, yellow and golden, and the consumer sees too much can not avoid aesthetic fatigue.Lately we’ve seen designers put colors to work in new and exciting ways.”The Yanghe River” stands out in the competition with its unique packaging color. The“blue classic”of the Yanghe River is mainly blue, which fully embodies the cultural demand of “the Yanghe River” returning to the sea and combines with the brand perfectly.Expect the colour revolution to continue.

Container material- Retro 

In ancient China, the main material for spirit container is bronze wine, ceramics, lacquer, jade, crystal and etc..Traditional packaging tends to hide its contents, but modern designers are experimenting with retro material to show products to their advantage. Bronze is a symbol of honor and dignity and even has become an important part of Chinese culture. Moutai has launched a bronze packaging of  high-alcohol liquor and created a stir in the packaging industry.But in China classic glass bottles dominate.

Shape of bottle – Similar to international spirits

There are many kinds of liquor bottles in the market, such as gourd-shape, bullet- shape, slender, stout, round, and so on. It’s not easy to make a perfect combination of the brand and the bottle. At this point, Wuliangye has been very successful which has pushed off a panda liquor which combines clear crystal and rare panda, reflecting Wuliangye brand’s nobility.

In recent years,international spirits has been popular among Chinese drinkers.While international spirits account for only 1-2 per cent of China sales, the high price tags and galloping growth mean they contribute disproportionately to manufacturers ‘profits.Many local liquor bottle manufacturer learned some of the characteristics of international spirits bottle types and introduced a lot of new packaging.The packaging designer has the future only by constantly innovating.

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